Bond – James Bond 007

Casino or 007 partyShaken not shtirred – James Bond Party is the perfect opportunity for men to look suave and women to look glamorous. So set it in your own Casino Royal you can pick up cheap roulette and other casino type games on ebay for around $20. Of course we are not encouraging you to gamble but it could be a great fund raiser for a charity or community group.

Set up the bar and have a martini mixing competition – shaken not shtirred where through the evening each person makes a mix and that mix is rated by the judges – with prizes for the best and the worst.

Other ideas for 007 themed games:

  • pin the bow tie on the spy
  • spin the pistol (  just like spin the bottle )
  • get a couple of nerf or rubber band pistols and have quick draw competitions
  • best kisser ( better be good friends )
  • besht Jamesh Bond impershonator
  • wet dinner shirt competition
  • removing a wetshuit over a dinner shuit

Let your imagination run

James Bond 007 Party