Farm To Table Dinner Party

farm to table partyThe fabulous farm to table dinner party is very popular and really quite simple to organise.

Ideally an outdoor event so late spring or autumn are the perfect times of year for this kind of party.  If however you don’t have a venue with luscious green pastures and rural vistas you can still create some farm like atmosphere even indoor with the addition of a few rustic pieces of furniture or simply a generous spread of floral and fruit/vegetable/dairy items eg: a halved pumpkin with the large knife still embedded and a few eggs artfully placed around an apple.   Make sure the table has wooden cutting boards with large round crusty bread loafs waiting to be pulled apart and don’t forget ‘real’ butter.

Start with a hearty soup maybe bacon bone broth with chunky vegetables or  the universal favourite pumpkin soup …try to use real chicken broth which is easy to make from whole legs.  Keep the meat for a hearty chicken and corn pie.
farm to table party

For mains you could serve a slow cooked pulled lamb shoulder or maybe pork  loin  otherwise aim for traditional favourites such as roast chicken, leg of lamb or a rare whole fillet beef roast – be sure to use whole or large cuts of vegetables …no julienne down on the farm.  For vegetarians offer a chunky apple based salad with fresh baby lettuce sprinkled with fresh roasted seeds and light vinaigrette

Finish off with apple crumble or apple pie and maybe a sweet berry tart.