Mini Olympics

This works best if you have a large yard or access to a suitable park.

Set up a program for the day and include a range of 10 minute games suitable for the age and number of kids attending – some suggestions:

  • football / soccer  – create a small field with cones for goals and corner posts.
  • volleyball – just mark a line and as long as it crosses the line it still counts
  • handball – ”                                                                                                           “
  • sock wrestling – try and remove your opponents sock/s – hilarious
  • relay race – set teams of 3 or 4 to run
  • obstacle race – each child runs individually while the onlookers heckle or better still water bomb the runner
  • egg rolling – boil some eggs then everyone has to roll the egg over the line …   using only their noses.
  • find the candy in the leaves

Hand out chocolate gold medals for each event and don’t be afraid to introduce a handicap system so than one child doesn’t win everything.