Parisian Café Party

This photo of A La Folie is courtesy of TripAdvisorAnother dinner party theme built around a Paris Cafe scene that also allows an opportunity for guests to dress for the theme and suited to both indoors and outdoors depending on your circumstances.    Serve wine, fries with mayonnaise or even better “sauce pommes frites” which is more like a béarnaise and don’t forget good coffee in enormous bowls  – Le Bol de Café au lait.

Set the atmosphere with some prints from recognisable French artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec  – you can download free French MP3 music from sites such as  – set up a blackboard menu and have some fun with bad French spelling or maybe inappropriate French words intermixed through the menu.

For outdoors find as many small tables as you can and place them all quite close together so that everyone can sit and turn and chat.   Indoors try for a bar like look and don’t forget the dance floor.