Science Birthday Party

A science party is fun for everyone, you don’t have to be a Nerd to have a great time with a party based on scientific experiments, demonstrations and simple projects.   You can google for ideas but for starters think about:

  • kitchen food experiments – when you think about it cooking is science – why does dough rise, or ice expand and steam burn?   Dry ice is always fun and can be used in so many ways.  There are many science party ideas that can be demonstrated in the kitchen eg:  making sherbert, ice cream  or soap or what about a coke based volcano or lava lamp
  • low voltage electrical experiments such making a lemon into a battery and then wiring up a low voltage bulb; or make an electric motor with a nail, some wire and a battery.
  • magnets are amazing and can also be part of the electrical experiments
  • heat ( thermal and vacuum ) experiments such as the egg in a bottle trick – or heat a small amount of water in an empty drink can then invert it quickly into a bucket of cold water….instant can crush
  • make telescopes or projectors with some basic lenses or make a pin hole camera
  • speaking of pin holes, make  pin hole glasses – they really work
  • gravity and leverage experiments

There are loads of ideas available at //   and loads more at //

Safety glasses are a must – check ebay they are around $1 each if you shop around.  You can also pick up low cost disposable lab coats and gloves in various sizes including kids – again look at ebay.