Scottish Theme Party – Ceilidh

What is it about a man in a kilt  …oh Jamie …..!    When it comes to partying the Scot’s Ceilidh is right up there in terms of popularity.  Most women are entranced by the sight of the tartan kilt  and the ever present question as to what is worn underneath. When I am asked that question I always respond with “there is nothing worn, it is all in perfect working order”.

You can choose to go for traditional highland dress – which can be hired or you may want to aim for a fun fancy dress affair.

One the most hilarious sights I remember was at a Hogmanay ( New Years Eve ) party where two of the guests grabbed some colourful striped towels and wrapped them as makeshift kilts.  The especially funny thing was the toilet brush hanging in front in place of a sporran.

Scottish dancing is not all about prancing around swords on the floor.  The Scots have a wonderful range of traditional reels and group dances that are fabulous fun for all ages.  The Gay Gordons ( gay used to mean happy),  the Dashing White Sergeant  or The Bees of Maggieknockater ( just the title gets a laugh ).  As a kid my favourite was always Bee Baw Babbity …look it up.   There are a wealth of YouTube and other videos easily accessible although it might help if you can invite one or two genuine Scots just to help with the organisation.  You can also download MP3 music – start by searching  Jimmie Shand  who was a famous Scottish musical band leader.    You will need a bit of clear space – but many a home or backyard has hosted a fine night of dancing.

Food is an important part of any Scots gathering so a good idea is to ask guests to bring along a dish.   Someone is bound to suggest haggis but in reality most Scots probably prefer  curry to the national pudding.  But home made shortbread, Dumpling  ( that is a Clooty Dumpling ), Potted Hough (biled pigs heid)  and Apple Charlot were standards of my childhood.

Finally as the evening winds down it was common to sit and have a sing along where each person or small group would sing one song …others join in as they remember the words. Once everyone has had a song it is time to clear up and go home.