Toga Party Ideas

Girls in Togas

Who can forget that famous 1970’s Toga Party in National Lampoon’s Animal House. So while you may think that Toga Parties are a throw back to the sexy sixties and the silly seventies I can clearly remember a university collage toga party around 2004. The reason I remember is as a poor student I didn’t have a spare bed sheet and so I had to use a shower curtain. I don’t remember much about the party but I do know the shower curtain didn’t survive.  From what I hear from younger siblings the Toga Party still rocks on most campuses today.

But really of all of the classic dress up parties the Toga Party has to be one of the easiest to prepare for – after all you only need a sheet or two.  Of course if you want some authenticity ( and I use the term loosely)  go all out with Greco/Roman attire  and there are plenty of party hire outfitters around.

Catering is simple although if the participants are under 25 it might be an idea to restrict drinks to cans only.

Other interesting variants are fund raisers such as the Toga Trot at Bloomsburg U – where you breakfast then run and all runners  must be in their togas at all times