Viking or Medieval Fight Party


Dress up as Ragnar and Lagertha or how about Rollo in his French fatigues or Lancelot and Guinevere.   There are plenty of medieval re-enactment societies around who may be happy to assist or even participate.  This party would work well with a spit roast and lots of wine and lager.

Play  pin the sword on the viking or what about  Ragnarok throwing (use a big rock) – try your hand at the classic Viking game  Koob which is a great game for from 2 to 12 players.  You can buy a ready made kit or just cut the blocks from a piece of 2″ square pine.  Get the rules and instructions from here.

There are also some great fun Nerf like X-Bows  or try one legged jousting but don’t forget to use well padded jousting sticks.