Wine Tasting Party

When planning a wine tasting party  remember there are a couple of ways to do this but probably they least expensive is to decide on a limited range of styles or maybe a price point and ask each guest to bring at least one bottle.  You don’t want the night to degrade immediately into plonkathon so try and keep some structure.   You might give a short introduction on how to start appreciating a wine – then ask your guests to note their observations of:

  • colour and intensity
  • aroma ( bouquet )
  • flavours
  • opinion ie: they enjoy it?
  • maybe a score out of 5

To add some fun try a blind tasting test – see who really knows their stuff.    You don’t have to go overboard with food but you do need to provide some pallet cleanser between sips.  Remember same would apply to a Beer Tasting party.